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Update object properties in Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 2. November 2015 02:45

How can I update a specific object property in Azure AD using the Graph API?

Check out this 5 minutes video to find out how


Hello World with node.js on Azure Web Apps
astaykov on 30. October 2015 11:26

In this really short video, Richard Astbury, a fellow Azure MVP, shows us how to create a Hello World node.js application in Azure Web Apps using only our browser:

Retrieve TOP N objects from Graph API
astaykov on 22. October 2015 22:30

Whether we want all object (if they are just a few hundred) or we just want only top 5 from the Graph API, we can use the OData syntax to get only what we need from the Azure AD Graph API:


Retrieve all objects from Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 15. October 2015 23:00

In this short video we will see how to get list of user from the Azure AD Graph API. We will also utilize paging functionality of the API.



How to get an access token from Azure AD
astaykov on 8. October 2015 17:00

Concrete question, concrete answer.

The following video guides you through the process of obtaining an access token from Azure AD OAuth 2.0 Endpoint. You can further use this token to query Azure AD Graph API.

 And here is PowerShell function we used in the demo: