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User-to-Group affiliation access review recommendations with Entra Identity Governance
astaykov on 24. January 2024 17:38

Check out this nice and simple explanation of how user-to-group affiliation helps with your access reviews in Microsoft Entra Identity Governance:

Credits go entirely to my colleague @bathawes

Lock your Azure resources
astaykov on 25. October 2017 16:24

This time Milan Nankov (@milannankov) shows us how to prevent accidental deletion / change of Azure resources using resource locks.

Secrets of an FTP Server in Azure
astaykov on 8. February 2017 20:14

In this very short video provided to us by Milan Nankov (@milannankov) you will get all the secrets you need t oknow when deploying an FTP server to an Azure Virtual Machine

How to get Azure Virtual Network Gateway details
astaykov on 24. October 2016 13:38

In this very quick video we will show you how to get the details of your Virtual Network Gateways. A useful when you want to find out the SKUs of your Gateways - something, which is not directly visible in the Azure portal (at least not today - Oktober' 2016).

You can get the PowerShell code here:


Azure Logic Apps - save tweet feed to a storage
astaykov on 12. July 2016 18:45

In this tutorial, Anton Staykov, shows us how to collect all Tweets from our twitter feed and save them to Azure Blob storage for further processing.

Without writing a single line of code!