Dayzure Practical answers to your Daily Azure questions

How to add your private Artifacts Repository in a DevTest Lab
astaykov on 15. December 2015 21:01

Next video in the DevTest lab series shows us how to add custom private artifacts repository to our Lab environment.


How to implement caching with Azure API Management
astaykov on 4. December 2015 08:57

How to cache my API calls in Azure API Management?

Kanio Dimitrov (@azurekanio) will show us in less than 5 minutes how to configure effective caching in Azure API Management


Integrate Web API with Azure API Management
astaykov on 24. November 2015 20:16

In the following video, our guest star Kanio Dimitrov (@azurekanio) is showing how easy it is to integrate your Web APIs with Azure API Management


How to set security for your Azure DevTest lab
astaykov on 17. November 2015 15:23

Microsoft recently announced a stunning new service in the Azure family: DevTest lab. While this service opens great doors to the Enterprises, the question about security comes into play. The following Channel9 video shows in details how to properly set security on your dev-test labs:


Link Office 365 subscription to an existing Azure one
astaykov on 12. November 2015 09:53

Today we got the question: "Can link somehow my Office 365 tenant with my existing Azure subscription?". The short answer is, of course, Yes!

The little longer (not more than 4 minutes) one, you can enjoy in the video: