Dayzure Practical answers to your Daily Azure questions

HDInsight on Linux VM
astaykov on 9. March 2016 19:27

In this tutorial, Dimitar Danailov, shows us how easy and quickly it is to provision HDInsight cluster on Linux VM. All of this using Azure Managed Hadoop Cluster - so Platform-as-a-Service!

Configure and spin up your HDInsight Cluster in less than 5 minutes:

Azure SQL Data Warehouse sample data and PowerBI
astaykov on 31. December 2015 09:00

In this tutorial, Drew DiPalma, walks through how to create a new Azure SQL Data Warehouse database with the AdventureWorksDW sample data set. Drew then shows how to quickly connect and build a dashboard of the data using PowerBI.


Loading data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse with BCP
astaykov on 23. December 2015 10:30

In this tutorial, Matt Usher walks you through importing and exporting data with Azure SQL Data Warehouse using bcp.exe.


Loading Azure SQL Data Warehoue with Azure Data Factory
astaykov on 18. December 2015 09:00

In this tutorial, Drew DiPalma walks through setting up an Azure Data Factory pipeline to load data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse.