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How to set security for your Azure DevTest lab
astaykov on 17. November 2015 15:23

Microsoft recently announced a stunning new service in the Azure family: DevTest lab. While this service opens great doors to the Enterprises, the question about security comes into play. The following Channel9 video shows in details how to properly set security on your dev-test labs:


Delete an object from Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 5. November 2015 11:19

So, how can we delete an object from the Azure AD Graph API?

Whatch the following video to find out:



Retrieve all objects from Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 15. October 2015 23:00

In this short video we will see how to get list of user from the Azure AD Graph API. We will also utilize paging functionality of the API.



How to get an access token from Azure AD
astaykov on 8. October 2015 17:00

Concrete question, concrete answer.

The following video guides you through the process of obtaining an access token from Azure AD OAuth 2.0 Endpoint. You can further use this token to query Azure AD Graph API.

 And here is PowerShell function we used in the demo: