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Delete an object from Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 5. November 2015 11:19

So, how can we delete an object from the Azure AD Graph API?

Whatch the following video to find out:



Update object properties in Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 2. November 2015 02:45

How can I update a specific object property in Azure AD using the Graph API?

Check out this 5 minutes video to find out how


Hello World with node.js on Azure Web Apps
astaykov on 30. October 2015 11:26

In this really short video, Richard Astbury, a fellow Azure MVP, shows us how to create a Hello World node.js application in Azure Web Apps using only our browser:

Retrieve TOP N objects from Graph API
astaykov on 22. October 2015 22:30

Whether we want all object (if they are just a few hundred) or we just want only top 5 from the Graph API, we can use the OData syntax to get only what we need from the Azure AD Graph API:


Retrieve all objects from Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 15. October 2015 23:00

In this short video we will see how to get list of user from the Azure AD Graph API. We will also utilize paging functionality of the API.