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How to get Azure Virtual Network Gateway details
astaykov on 24. October 2016 13:38

In this very quick video we will show you how to get the details of your Virtual Network Gateways. A useful when you want to find out the SKUs of your Gateways - something, which is not directly visible in the Azure portal (at least not today - Oktober' 2016).

You can get the PowerShell code here:


How to author custom artifacts in a DevTest Lab
astaykov on 28. December 2015 10:00

An artifact consists of an artifact definition file, which is an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) based JSON file. The artifact definition file contains metadata that defines the artifact. An artifact can also contain script files - such as PowerShell or Bash - that are referenced within the artifact definition file. In this video, you'll see how to create a custom artifact and save it in your private Git repository.

Todays video in the DevTest lab series shows us how to author custom artifacts for use in an Azure DevTest lab environment. 

How to create VMs with Artifacts in a DevTest Lab
astaykov on 21. December 2015 10:42

Todays video in the DevTest lab series shows us how to create VMs with artifacts in an Azure DevTest lab environment.


How to add your private Artifacts Repository in a DevTest Lab
astaykov on 15. December 2015 21:01

Next video in the DevTest lab series shows us how to add custom private artifacts repository to our Lab environment.


How to set security for your Azure DevTest lab
astaykov on 17. November 2015 15:23

Microsoft recently announced a stunning new service in the Azure family: DevTest lab. While this service opens great doors to the Enterprises, the question about security comes into play. The following Channel9 video shows in details how to properly set security on your dev-test labs: