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User-to-Group affiliation access review recommendations with Entra Identity Governance
astaykov on 24. January 2024 17:38

Check out this nice and simple explanation of how user-to-group affiliation helps with your access reviews in Microsoft Entra Identity Governance:

Credits go entirely to my colleague @bathawes

Link Office 365 subscription to an existing Azure one
astaykov on 12. November 2015 09:53

Today we got the question: "Can link somehow my Office 365 tenant with my existing Azure subscription?". The short answer is, of course, Yes!

The little longer (not more than 4 minutes) one, you can enjoy in the video:

Delete an object from Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 5. November 2015 11:19

So, how can we delete an object from the Azure AD Graph API?

Whatch the following video to find out:



Update object properties in Azure AD Graph API
astaykov on 2. November 2015 02:45

How can I update a specific object property in Azure AD using the Graph API?

Check out this 5 minutes video to find out how


Retrieve TOP N objects from Graph API
astaykov on 22. October 2015 22:30

Whether we want all object (if they are just a few hundred) or we just want only top 5 from the Graph API, we can use the OData syntax to get only what we need from the Azure AD Graph API: